Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dungarees and Old Skool sweaters

These are some photos from last month, when some of my sisters friends came over and I stole them for some photos :) I picked the best ones, and I think I got a few good shots, but hardly my most artistic shoot ;)

My main reason for this post its apologise profoundly for my absence, and also update on my 3:30am FLIGHT TO BARCELONA THIS EVENING!
That is the main reason I haven't posted- I've been so busy packing and preparing for my residential trip to the fantastic Spanish city!
well, I apparently have to do loads of Geography work there, but hey, it will be a change from rainy old England right?
So basically it will take another week for my next post- I haven't really kept up with my '2 post's a week!' rule, have I? jeez. Maybe I'll schedule a few ;)

Have a nice weeekkenddd :D


  1. wow thats an early flight! hope you have a great time which im sure you will cus spain is so lush! im going there too in august to see my family :) i really like this shoot! very old school american and the dungarees are so cute! xxxx

  2. Wow those dungarees are too cute! Love the blog x