Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Barcelona (and the busiest weeks of my life!)


So, I'm back!
Well... actually I got back like two weeks ago, but I have been so ridiculously busy it's not even funny- but I'll go through that later!
FIRST, Barcelona!
I took like 1000 photos, edited it down to 200, and will probably only share about 40 with you guys, over two posts.
Okay, so I'll get started!

So, the plane flight!
I got up at 2:10am Sunday 1st July, and got to school by 3:00am, left at 3:30, and the plane left at 6:00 -.-
So, I had got up, gone to the airport, flown to Barcelona and was on the coach to Sitges- all before 10:00am!
Fairly pro-active day, if you ask me.

We had an hour or two in Sitges before driving to the hotel, where we dumped our stuff in our rooms (I was with Geej, Gim and Lauren), and then went down to Segur de Calafell Beach (which as where we were staying- not really in Barcelona at all :/)
We jumped and ran around, totally hyped to be in Spain, even though we had that early start-
It was such a mental day, I can;t describe. We all ran to the shops, and a Spanish lady let us in this old derelict shop to shelter the sand- it had come on so quickly!

Later that night, things got even weirder. There was another school staying at our hotel, with loads of kids of different nationalities, but could all speak English (very impressive), and we all ended playing this massive clapping game thing, in the hot, stuffy, sweaty classroom. I felt like I was in a dream (I had been awake for 18 hours by this time- so maybe I was!)

Being a Geography trip and all, we actually did quite a lot of work. On the second day, we measured rivers and shit. I know its sounds outrageously exciting, but I won;t dwell on it for too long ;)
However, our group founded our name- THE DINGOES! We basically just shouted this name in an austarlian accent whenever we went, and then the other groups all copied us with their names (Flamingos, Ocelots...) and wehn we bought group bracelets- THEY DID TOO. Such sheep, get some originality jeez.

This was the best part of the second day!
The leader teacher of the trip, was such a babe, and bought as ALL ice cream! I felt like crying it was so kind- and it must of come to about 100euros! :( I don;t like people buying stuff for me, I feel guilty.
BUT IT WAS SO GOOD, I'M OVER IT. Haagen- Dazs is my heaven in a bowl.
After that, another weird happening occurred. We met these Morrocan boys in the seafront (all 40 of us on the trip) and ended up all having some weird...talk, I guess it was. However, neither us spoke the other language, and all we ended up communicating about was homosexuality and selling girls (quite funny at the beginning, the boys selling the girls to the Morrocan boys, but it's a bit sad that's all we could get across to them... o.o)
When we got back to the hotel, we started up an evening yoga class, which was great... but not very relaxing  (we were all in hysterics).

The first two days felt so long, and abnormal, and surreal, then things started speeding up and the last days went so fast :( On the Tuesday, we went to Sitges and 'compared tourist models' to Calafell. Once again, inspiring and enthusing geography work.
I quite like my outfit for this day, although I didn't get a photo of it; it was a bustier/flowery vest, with my high waisted AA skirt, white flatform trainers and a baseball cap. It was a really good day, once again, but I somehow can't any of it.

The next day, we went to Barcelona, to look at the tourist industry there. I didn't bring my camera there, because the teachers had driven into our brains that we WOULD be robbed, and we should attract attention to ourselves with big cameras (but I thought, we're a big group of kids anyway, speaking English, we already look like tourists enough, right?)
 I felt safe enough, and I really love Barcelona, more than any other European city I've been too.
 I also managed to do some shopping, and bought some new shorts and some dungarees (which I'm in love with.)

The rest of my Barcelona trip stories will come soon, and I'll also tell you what else has been going on i.e SO MUCH.
But I think there's been enough of me chattering away in this post; you guys were probably bored to death. R.I.P. dear readers- I appreciate your commitment to getting this far in the post!
Love you all so much, and I'll write soon :D

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