Monday, 29 August 2011

Seaweed (Molly)

Get Ready For An Onslaught of Photos of The Stunning..


So, these are the results of the photo shoot me and my annoyingly stunning friend, Molly did about a week ago!
I know I promised them to you about a week ago, but I went on holiday and didn't get round to it, sorry m'darlings. You probably don't care to be honest :')

BUT HERE THEY ARE, and to be honest, I am very happy with the results ( but then again, its very hard to take a bad photo of Molly ;) )

There are a lot of me as well, but I will do a different post for them, otherwise it  would be too much for one post!

Please comment, as this is the first 'planned' shoot I have done, and I would really like some opinions :D 


  1. Gorgeous! Where is that brown hat from?

  2. love your blog! her top is so cute.

    come say hi sometime,
    and don't forget to check out my giveaway for a free pair of high waisted shorts! xoxo