Sunday, 14 August 2011

Long Grass

So, I went to Winchester for the day, to see some Family friends :)
In the end we made a film, and I took some photos :D
I will post the film up as soon as my friend sends it too me, so yeahh :D
Please tell me what you think of these photos, I personally love the setting :)

I bought a tripod finally! So now I wont have to take my photos by propping my camera on a bin, or a swingball + a brick (yes yes, both true :') )

Look forward to Wednesday, because me and Molly are going on a wee photo shoot, and I should get some good shots, considering her beauty ;)

Please comment so I don't feel like I am talking to no one :')

P.S. Opinions on new blog layout? I think it looks a bit more clean, but it's you I'm trying to please, so helppp me :)


  1. Lovely pics! I love them!

  2. these photos are stunning!