Saturday, 23 July 2011

Numbers and Bricks (1)

Hello m'darlings :)
I'm sorry, these photo's are like SOOOO old, but I still think they're worth sharing :)
Starring Sadie as the beautiful model she is :)
I like the vibrant colours etc :)
I have labelled it (1) because there were lots of other photos we took that day, which I will share some time soon :)

Some very exciting things have happened to me recently!
Firstly, I sent thsi script I wrote to a guy, and he is going to make it into a film!
I had been trying for ages to get it going, but I never got round to it, and I'm sure he will do a much better job of it!
Secondly, I entered this photo:
into a Dr. Martens Competition on Facebook, and I am in the second round! Woo!
Basically, now I have picked two items form their clotehs range, and when they arrive I have to style them, and send THOSE photos in.
If I win that, I get a free pair of Dr. Martens!!
So generally, life is good at the moment, apart from having that little row with my friends.
But thats kinda over now.
Thanks for reading my lovelies!

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