Sunday, 10 July 2011

More Beaching Around

Hello my beautiful people!
Sorry for the lack of variety in my posts recently- this is basically what my summer consists of : the beach and friends!
It is impossible to take a bad photo of Sadie! Her freckles are just so photogenic!
The first and last image is my friend Eve, and she had her face painted so I took a photo :')
That awesome ebach hut was in teh news lately because its against Brighton Council Rules to paint your Beach Hut interesting colours, so they have to paint it back :/
Luckily got a photo before they had!
My new look is up ( the one infront of the weird peach background-ed graffiti) So please hype and comment :D

I have so much to let you catch up on, and I'm going to make loads of posts soon!

Love you guysss! Byee xx

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