Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Easter + Excuses

WARNING: Photo bomb coming up!
This was where we were staying! Scary right?

Hey thereee, long time, no see! I have thought of many excuses (including revision, sleep, watching endless repeats of The Big Bang theory...) but the truth is POTTERMORE HAS BEEN CONSUMING MY LIFE.

That's right. I am a self-confessed Harry Potter nerd. I have been sorted into Slytherin, which I am so happy about, because a) it makes so much sense b) its the best house ever.
So yeah.

ANYWAY. Onto my real life.... oh wait I don't have one.
I am super cool.
I went to stay in that creepy, but huge house you saw in the first picture, with all my Dad's family and a few friends.
It involved a lot of walking, tea and pub lunches, which was rather niceee.
I also went to Bristol, which is definitely now in my top 5 of favourite cities in the world. 
I got a nice new vest/top thing, and these bangin shoes I've been yearning for for ages :)
So you'll see those soon!

It seems like I have run out of things to share, so byeeeee :)


  1. Hai, I spotted you on my blog as 10 blogs that are worth to follow from my blog followers!

    1. Thankyou so much, you are so lovely thanks! :D xx

  2. So cute, so nice picture, enjoy your life ^^

    Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

  3. You have some very cool pictures ^^!

    xx katy ^^!

    1. Thankyou Katy it means a lot :D xx

  4. Lovely photos! So sad I haven't been able to post things on my blog :[
    So busy with school, finals, and of course sleeping :D

    1. I've missed you;re blogging!
      Can't wait for your next post!
      But make sure you do well in your Finals, I'm sure they'll go well :D xx

  5. Avaa! Hey how's it going? Have your exams started? Cus mine have and it's soo intense! Anyways I love ur latest posts and the pictures look amazing, I really wana get one of those fancy cameras too but. Can't decide on which one :P looks like a nice holiday though and I love the picture of you by the red car - so retro haha. Omg I live really near Bristol And I always go shopping there..mainly because they have primark, ! Did u go to cabbott circus? Good luck for exams! :) xx

    1. Hi Leah!
      Its fine, and yeah I had all my mocks last week, and they went okayy (apart from Maths, but I;ve never been good at that :/)
      I have my Biology retake and R.E. exam on Tuesday, and it's sooo hard :(
      You;re pictures look great! The only reason I got on was because my Dad owed me loads of money (because my sister does loads of dance classes.)
      I loovveee Bristol, its so cool! We only went to the big shopping centre, and that was awesome!
      Good luck to you too ;D xx

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    1. Thanks Charlotte lovely! :) xx