Monday, 27 February 2012

Cheap Skate

Okay, so this is a look from WEEK's ago, but I forgot to put the pictures here, sorry ;)
I got this dress at the Sunday market for £1! and the hat for £2!
Bargains are my life :')

AHH my exams are getting closer and closer, I should be revising in every second I can!
But I'm not.
I'm here, blogging and checking facebook AGAIN AND AGAIN.
Procrastination at its worst.

ANYWAY, if you have a cool blog I can waste my time on, please comment below ;)
Byee nowww ;)


  1. love it and thanks for following ♥


  2. These are wonderful photos and I cannot believe that dress was only £1! Amazing! xx

  3. oh gosh, for just 1 pound?! This is amazing! I love your red chucks :D

  4. These photos are cute, I'm really glad you like the photography based posts on my blog :) x

  5. Love the dress and the jeans shirt! ♥