Friday, 4 November 2011


Amy looking like a hawwt zombie :)

Samanthya, the most beautiful and realistic Black Swan I've seen! She let me try her pointe shoes on!

Lauren who cames as 'Halloween'. Go figure. BUT LOOK AT HER EYES :O

Molly and her lovely cakes :')

Omg Sadie. Go away with your stunningness.
Molly the scary but beautiful witch.

Eva the cute dracula ;)

Me and the black swan

Georgia and Sarah went as matching pumpkins! So darrrrn cute!

Like my favourite picture of the night :')

I went as a Glam Rocker/ Gene Simmons type person :D Not very original, but effective :)
Had such a great night, doesn't everyone look so amazing!?
Sorry these photos are late, just been revising and yano.
That's a lie, but that is what I've been meant to be doing... :D
How was your Halloween, what did you go as?
I am currently watching the pre-fireworks night fireworks from my window.
Yayyy, I love them! :)


  1. This looks like an amazing party! Hope you had fun! Ooh, message me on lookbook! xxxxxxx

  2. Aw, how cute and fun you all look!


  3. Your trousers are amazing!! :)

    Chelsea x