Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Pier


Model: Lauren 

So these are the photos from the day on pier I had with Lauren- for free!
She has two friend which worked on the pier so we got these bands- which are probably worth around £25- for free! And got free chips! And coke!
The bet tthings in life are free ;)
Isn't she prettyyyy? My favourites are the sweet shop ones :D
What do you think?

Ughh, I have huge History essay to do, due for Wednesday D:

Oh well, I'll put it off until Tuesday night ;)


  1. The striped background is so nice, really retro! And I agree, your friend is gorgeous! You guys did an amazing job, so many good photos from one shoot.
    My favorite is the second photo on the carousel - i love carousels, wish i could out one in my room.
    Good luck with the essay & Thank You for spreading the "comment love"! :)

  2. Aah! Love your blog!! And you hat is soo cool by the way;)***

  3. I love these photographs :D My favorites are the ones with the blue stripped background - simple yet so effective!