Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rosie looking lovely, and layers (Autumns here!!)

So took a few lovely photos of my family today, that woman at the end is my Garnie who used to be a model- and its still looking gorgeous at 76!
I am SO happy it is finally getting cooler- Autumn is definitely the best season ever!
I love it! You can layer up without looking like an idiot :3

BTW, just so I can show off for a few seconds, I MADE THAT VELVET SKIRT! I think it worked out pretty well :)

I never thought I'd say this, but my sister is beautiful.
I will regret this later, when I am thinking up petty insults in a argument, but whatever.
Seems I am placed in a world where everyone is more beautiful than me... OH WELL.

Hope you're all doing well!


  1. Great photos! :)

  2. Love your style of photography, some really great images. Do you do any editing? If yes, then what program do you use?
    And yes your sister is beautiful, and you will regret this later (I would when it comes to my sister). Which one of you is the youngest?

  3. I like your photos! Don't you just love doing photoshoots! I do the same with people at my school! :) Keep it up!