Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cousin on the Beach

Soo, this is the result of a trip to Shoreham Beach with the Family :)
The gorgeous little boy is my cousin, Alex ( I've made a film of him too, which I will post up soon :) )
The man in the slide, is my father :')
The picture of me in the Carpark is now on Lookbook so please go and hype if you like :D
And I'm really starting to get the hang of my new camera, and the results are a lot better :)
And WOOO, I'm going to Thorpe Park tomorrow with the school!
...I was going to write something else... but I've forgotten :')
Ah well, I will update if I remember :P
Comment pleaseee :D


  1. Awesome, I love the jumping pics! You're great at photography.

  2. amazing photos :)